Welcome to Tehreek Dawat-e-Faqr:

Welcome to our website. This website is the only representative of the teachings of FaqrFaqr is the true heritage of our Holy Prophet Sall’Allahu Alayhi Wa’alihi Wasallam and the soul of the religion of Islam.

Our main aim is the revival of strong spiritual relationship of Muslims with Allah, the lack of which has resulted in the present worst condition of Muslims all over the world. We aim at diverting the attention of Muslims from hollow superficial bodily prayers towards the intrinsic purity of their soul, thus creating strong bond betweenAllah and man.

We promote the school of thought of our sufi saints, Hazrat Ghaus-ul -Azam Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jillani Razi Allahu Ta’ala Anhu and Hazrat Sakhi Sultan Bahoo Rehmat-ul-Allah Alayh, that unless the inner being and soul of every person is not reformed, the individual and collective betterment of society is not possible. Only the pure souls are blessed by Allah with prosperity and progress in this world as well as in the hereafter. We aim at winning the blessings of Allah for the whole nation (ummah) of Hazrat Mohammad Sall’Allahu Alayhi Wa’alihi Wasallam in this world and in the hereafter through the propagation of the teachings of Faqr, the knowledge of purity of souls.